Agenda – Parish Council Meeting – 12th October 2017

Parish Councillors are summoned to a Meeting of the Group Parish Council, At Welsh Newton Village Hall On Thursday 12th October 2017 At 7.30pm


1. Apologies for Absence
1.1To receive and accept apologies from Councillors

2. Declarations of Interest & Dispensations
2.1To receive any declarations of interest or written applications for dispensation from Councillors on agenda items

3. To agree and sign the minutes of The Group Parish Council meeting held on 14th September 2017

4. Public Question Time Designated maximum period of 10 minutes to accommodate members of the public who may wish to either raise relevant issues or ask the Parish Council questions

5. Reports
5.1 Ward Cllrs report & Q & A time
5.2 Locality Officer report

6. Lengthsman /footpaths
6.1 To consider work to be carried out by the lengthsman
6.2 To consider work to be undertaken on the parish footpaths
6.3 To note determination of application – Proposed definitive map modification order – Upgrade of public footpaths LO3(part)
6.4 To receive clarification on the funding grant still outstanding.

7. Highways
7.1 To consider road issues for reporting to Balfour Beatty

8.1 To note planning application approved / refused by Herefordshire Council since the last meeting
8.2 To consider any new planning applications.
8.3 To consider the legal agreement for the farm worker bungalows – Lower Holt Farm
8.4 To receive an update on BOAT applications affecting the Parish

9.Neighbourhood Plan
9.1 To receive an update on the NDP and next steps (Parish Plan)
9.2 To consider quote from Kirkwells regarding NDP
9.3 To consider response to applying for further fund for NDP

10. Finance
10.1 Confirmation of Bank Balances
10.2 To receive an update on SID (Speed Indicator Device) and consider costs of speed survey, purchase / hire of SID(S)
10.3 To consider invoices for Payment
10.3.1 Kathy Greenow for postages – £8.45
10.3.2 Llangaron Parish Council – £20
10.4 To consider and sign the clerk’s contract of employment.
10.5 To consider using Autela to manage PAYE
10.6 To consider 2018 – 2019 budget and precept.

11. Correspondence

12. To consider HALC training schedule and book training as required

13. Date of next meeting 9th November 2017

Emma Thomas Date: 5/10/2017 Parish Clerk – Welsh Newton & Llanrothal Group Parish Council