Minutes 9th July 2015

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Welsh Newton & Llanrothal Group Parish Council held in Welsh Newton Village Hall on Thursday 9th July 2015

Councillor Mr. C. D. Bligh Chairman
Councillor Mr. S. G. Wilkes Vice – Chairman
Councillor Mr. R. R. Keating
Councillor Mr. K. A. Simmons
Councillor Ms. E. Swinglehurst
Councillor Mr. T. J. White-Miller

Clerk Mr. M. Walker

Also Present
Ward Councillor Ms. E. Swinglehurst, Parish Lengthsman Mr. Terry Griffiths
and one further member of the public

The Chairman declared the Parish Council Meeting formally open at 7.30pm

1.0 Apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Mrs. M. S. Cox
Locality Steward Mr. Dave Atkinson was not present
No representation from the Police

2.0 Minutes
The Minutes of the Ordinary Group Parish Council Meeting No WNL/MW/095 held on
Thursday 11th June 2015 were confirmed as a true record and signed by Councillor Mr. C. D. Bligh Chairman

3.0 Declarations of Interest & Dispensations

3.1 To receive any declarations of interest in agenda items from Councillors
No declarations received

3.2 To consider any written applications for dispensation
No written applications received

4.0 Financial Report

4.1 Bank Balances as per Statement (No new bank statements received)
@ 4th June 2015 Treasures Account £6,148.39
@ 4th June 2015 Business Instant Access Account £5,335.64

4.2 Receipts
HMR&C VAT BACS Remittance Advice reference 46815 £1,751.52

4.3 Invoices for Payment
Mrs. Julie Cole Internal Auditor reference WN&LGPC 09/07/05 £25.00
Terry Griffiths TGC1287 P3 Footpaths Account + Worksheet £240.00
Terry Griffiths TGC1295 Lengthsman Account + Worksheet £360.00
Clerk’s Salary July 2015 Gross Pay £343.41
Vehicle Expenses gross £13.05
Postage £10.22
HMR&C TAX £68.60 NIC £0.00
All payments were Unanimously Approved
4.4 To consider Lloyds Bank Mandate
Lloyds Bank Mandate Form completed by Councillor Mr. R. R. Keating,
and counter signed by Councillor Mr. S. G. Wilkes Vice – Chairman and Councillor
Mr. T. J. White-Miller
To be submitted to Lloyds Bank BX1 1LT

External Audited Accounts received from Grant Thornton all clear with no comments.
Copy of relevant pages of Annual Audit Form and
Councils’ Accounts: “A Summary of Your Rights” was posted on the Parish Council Notice Board.

The Pensions Regulator – “Automatic Enrolment Legal Duties” letter 1145325332
Enrolled 3rd June 2015 – Staging Date 1st October 2016

5.0 Roads & Footpaths

5.1 To receive Lengthsman Report also any new issues on Highway or Public Footpaths
Lengthsman Mr. Terry Griffiths gave an update on roads and P3 footpaths including:-
Routine Maintenance Work. Clear grids and clean out road gullys. Jet connecting pipes
Clear road culvert headwalls. Jet culverts clear. Check inspection pits. Clear ditch headwalls
Clear grips and reform leads. Clear minor obstructions from ditches and reform leads
Clean off road signs. Clear minor storm debris off roads
Strim and cut back overgrowth round grit bins and road signs **
Strim verges on bends, junctions, splays, and areas regularly used by pedestrians where there is no footway provided **
NB. Item marked ** received higher level of attention than normal.
Roads covered on this visit:-
C1247, from A466 to The Wern, C1239, C1248, U71222, from C1248 to U71223
Strim undergrowth and cut back overgrowth round stile/gates/finger post /way marker posts
Strim enclosed areas of footpath. Replace signage as required
Footpaths covered on this visit
LO 4, LO 2, LO 3, LO 9 (part) to LO 1 junction, LO 5, LO 6, LO 1 (part) to LO 9 junction
Defect Report
LO 4 The second stile from Llanrothal Church towards Tregate. Upper step pillar loose. Action- P3 contractor to repair (PROW material order 3)
Between the first and second stile from Llanrothal church towards Tregate the crop of maize does not have a path cut through the crop. The path will be impossible to follow when the crop is fully grown. Action- LS to contact landowner.
At the hedge crossing between the two fields of maize the way marker post is missing. At present the signage is on an old post which could be removed at any time.
Action- P3 contractor to install way marker post. ( PROW material order 1 )
LO3 As the path passes between Craig Llewellyn Wood And Skenchill Wood the post to which the signage has been attached has been removed for fence work.
Action- PFO to monitor and check it is replaced.
LO 5 Between the third stile from Llanrothal developments and the way marker post on the Monnow riverbank there two fields of maize which have not got a defined path cut through the crop. When the crop is in full growth it will be impossible to follow the legal line of the footpath. Action- LS to contact landowner.
General We are running low on certain signage items (PROW material order 2)
PROW material order. LO 5 1 x way maker post. General 50 yellow and black way marker discs. LO 4 1 x step pillar (long)
Could the Parish Clerk arrange for this material to be lodged with the Locality Steward?

5.2 To consider littering issues within the Parishes
Perceived requirement for a litter bin at the Welsh Newton A466 Bus Stop / Shelter, established that a suitable fixed unit would be required and arrangements for the servicing of the unit would also need to be put in place
Clerk to investigate cost of unit and installation as well as servicing options and to contact BBLP about the availability of “litter picking kits”

5.3 Locality Steward Mr. Dave Atkinson
Locality Steward not present

6.0 Public Question Time
Designated maximum period of 10 minutes to accommodate members of the public
who may wish to either raise relevant issues or ask the Parish Council questions

Member of the public emphasised the need to encourage people to use litter bins and that a plan is required to purchase and install as well as making arrangements to have the bins emptied regularly.
Item noted for further investigation

Councillor Mr. C. D. Bligh Chairman read a letter received from a resident of Welsh Newton Common with reference to the Neighbourhood Development Plan’s proposed Settlement Boundary
Clerk instructed to acknowledge receipt and note the contents

7.0 To Receive Reports from:- Ward Councillor
Ward Councillor Ms. E. Swinglehurst reported on the following:-
Cllr. Elissa Swinglehurst proudly representing Llangarron Ward
I have attended my first planning committee meeting which was very interesting and showed the power of local opinion at work. I was heartened by the way in which the committee went against the officer’s recommendation; in one instance where there was overwhelming local opposition (120 houses outside Bromyard) and one where there was overwhelming support (9 houses outside Lyonshall).
Speeding. This is a problem throughout the ward and as I travel, like a bee, from Parish Council to Parish Council there may be some opportunity for cross-pollination. Peterstow Parish Council have got their Community Speed Watch up and running. Early signs are that this is a highly effective technique to reduce speeds on the road. They have a team of 12 volunteers who don the hi viz so if you speed through Peterstow watch out! Llangarron Parish Council are going on the scheme as there is persistent speeding through Llancloudy and Llangrove. I am working on getting a lower limit in Llangrove and have asked the cabinet member for highways to prioritise the village.
One thing that Community Speed Watch tends to reveal is that most people exceeding the speed limit are local people. Please drive safely and within the speed limit.
Litter on the A40 – I am asking for larger bins to be provided, emptied more often, suggesting that the fast food outlets and haulage companies sponsor.
Verge cutting – I am asking for the contract to be available for the parish councils to take on their own verge mowing so that the service is delivered in a timely and cost effective way. I will ask that the funding be made available as a match funded ‘bolt on’ to the enhanced lengthsman scheme.
Drainage – please be aware that if you have a ditch, watercourse, stream, brook or river on your land you have ‘RIPARIAN RESPONSIBILITIES’ which include keeping the watercourse in good condition. If you have a watercourse that needs de silting you should be doing that as a matter of routine good practice. Watercourses that are neglected cause flooding on our roads, damage the road infrastructure and can flood property causing untold damage and distress. Do the right thing now, while it is dry. There is a useful leaflet about this available from Balfour Beatty 01432 261800
Butter Market
Meanwhile ….the preferred bidder has been chosen for the Butter Market in Hereford. It will be really great to see this lovely building brought up to date. The council will sell the site at the market valuation but through the bidding process they have ensured the iconic building will be developed in line with the aspirations for the town centre. Brilliant.
About another 1300 houses in Ross on Wye have been connected up to Fastershire. There will be more to come and I am sure that Cllr Graham Powell will not rest until broadband is everywhere in the county.
Money, Money, Money
Herefordshire Council has delivered a significant underspend for the second year running in continuing challenging financial circumstances.
The council’s financial outturn report for 2014/15 shows incredibly positive results with delivered savings of £15million on a very challenging budget. The report also shows a substantial underspend of £600,000, which was in line with the forecasts for the financial year.
There is still a further saving of £10million needed for this financial year and robust plans are in place to successfully achieve this without any significant impact on the quality of services that residents receive. Alongside this, the council has also increased its financial reserves, which has provided additional financial stability.
A Pat on the Back
The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) has commended Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty Living Places for its approach to highway asset management.
The CIHT has said that Herefordshire’s approach is “an excellent example of the success that can be achieved by adopting an asset management approach to improve highway performance. It demonstrated the importance of engaging with elected members and the public. This approach has substantially improved condition of the network over a short space of time”.
Green Spaces Grant
Herefordshire Council has re-launched its Public Green Spaces Community Grant Scheme to provide funding for local community groups to maintain and enhance the county’s green spaces.
The scheme, which was first developed last year in response to reductions in grass cutting, offers a small fund of up to £750 to help local community groups within the county to bring ideas and projects to life for maintaining and enhancing public green spaces. The scheme particularly aims to support projects which incorporate community involvement and promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
For further information on funding available go to http://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/grants
So all good news …. I thought it would make a change from telling you that there is no money.
P.S. there’s no money.
Elissa Swinglehurst 01989 770038 Elissa.Swinglehurst@herefordshire.gov.uk
Maps and timetables for grass cutting and pot holes are now available on the Council’s website
Problems can be reported using
Stop Press
The Council will be embarking on a consultation so that residents can let them know which services they value and how they would like to see the budget balanced. Would you pay 3% Council Tax to save services or can you think of ways the Council can save money? If you can, then please look out for the consultation…”

8.0 Parish Council’s Media Update
Parish Councillor Mr. Ryan Keating confirmed that Facebook Account now has 40 followers and is being used by parish residents to update one another on events occurring within the parish, as well as to advertise the Beauty of the parish with photographs that are being shared beyond the confined of our own page.
Councillor Mr. Ryan Keating encouraged those present to use the page for advertising local events and also the consideration of a photographic competition in order to create some fine images of the parish that can be used possibly for decoration.

9.0 Neighbourhood Plan Update
Councillor Ms. E. Swinglehurst updated the Parish Council on the Neighbourhood Development Plan
Kirkwells Planning Consultant and Council Planning Officer have confirmed that their belief is that we need a settlement boundary for the Common in our Neighbourhood Development Plan. The consultation / drop in day resulted in a very large settlement boundary which now, potentially fails to function as it shows the full boundary of the built up area of Welsh Newton Common.
After deliberating on the various options, the Council agreed to look within this boundary, at those areas that are deemed potentially suitable for development, once the Common Land and other unsuitable areas are annotated. This will be done at a Steering Group meeting to be held on 21st July at 7.30pm in Welsh Newton Village Hall.
(Parish Clerk to book Welsh Newton Village Hall Tuesday 21st July 2015 7.30pm)
The Parish Council approved the latest draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan ready for the Regulation 14 Consultation with the exception of the boundary settlement for Welsh Newton Common

New Grant from Locality had been applied for by the Clerk and £1,273.00 had been awarded

10.0 Health and Safety Policy
To consider Policy for adoption
The Parish Council resolved unanimously to adopt the Health and Safety Policy which was signed
by Councillor Mr. C. D. Bligh Chairman

11.0 Information Sheet
Information sheet received by all Parish Councillors
(Paper copies to Councillor Mr Steve Wilkes and Councillor Mrs Moira Cox)
Planning Results
Old Shop, Shop Lane, Manson Lane, Monmouth, Herefordshire NP25 5RD
151576 Proposed replacement extension and refurbishment
Still Valid

13th May 2015 Parish Lengthsman and Parish Paths Partnership (P3) Scheme
Contract submitted to Balfour Beatty

12.0 Matters Relayed to the Clerk for the Agenda of the Next Meeting
Website Social Media Face Book and Twitter
Spread Sheet – Update of Ongoing Issues

13.0 Confirmation Date, Time and Venue of the next Group Parish Council Meeting
The next meeting will be an Ordinary Parish Council Meeting of Welsh Newton & Llanrothal
Group Parish Council and is to be held on Thursday 10th September 2015 in Welsh Newton Village
Hall to commence at 7.30pm
Meeting declared closed at 9.35pm